Listen. Kelp Noodles.

Due to some recent health issues I am currently grain-free. So a kelp noodle is sounding pretty good to me about now. Plus I have read “kelp noodle” and “life changing” in the same sentence more than a couple of times lately. A sea vegetable in the form in the noodle is big in the food allergy world. Big!

The best use of kelp noodles I have seen so far is here from one of my favorite blogs Healthy and Holistic.

I am going to be experimenting with them all week. They can be used as a substitute in a regular noodle dish, in salads or added to soups. They don’t need to be cooked.

Last night I made a simple chicken broth with them. Here is the recipe:

Chicken Broth with Kelp Noodles

  • Simmer water, chicken bones, onion, garlic and salt over low heat 2-3 hours.
  • Strain broth.
  • Add kelp noodles.

Would love to hear if/how you are “kelp noodling”it! -Julie