Asian Beef Noodle Soup

I love, love asian noodle soups and wanted to make my own version. This can be done in many ways, next time I will use chicken and broccoli. The brown rice noodles were a great find and you may want to seek them out at the large chain health food store whose name I shall not mention.

First I made a beef broth:

  • Boil beef bones, peeled ginger, onion, garlic, water and salt

Then I made the beef:

  • Marinate sliced skirt steak in gluten-free soy sauce and crushed ginger (no more than 30 minutes or the soy sauce will break down the meat)
  • Cook over high heat until almost cooked through (it will continue cooking away from the heat)

Then I made the noodles

  • Cook 1/2 package of brown rice noodles 4-5 minutes

Combine all three and then add bok choy (I used bell pepper in the picture but I think bok choy or another green would have worked much better).

Note: The noodles will absorb the broth so don’t add them until you are just about to eat (or just “aboot” if you are Canadian)