Why I Love Being Gluten-Free

I have been gluten-free for about five years now and love it. Here’s why:

I’m more physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy than ever.

  • For most of my life I thought I just had a “Jewish stomach”. Yes this is an actual thing–even alluded to by Jewish gangster Arnold Rothstein’s wife in an episode of Boardwalk Empire. My lifelong digestive problems cleared up immediately upon quitting gluten.
  • I no longer needed medication to treat depression, anxiety or panic attacks. I had no idea my psychological problems were due to my diet! I feel naturally happy and calm.
  • In the process of clearing gluten from my system I was able to tap into my clairvoyant abilities.  Using my intuitive abilities to help others become more healthy in every way is my life’s work.

My family eats better.

  • After going gf I joined a Community Supported Agriculture program–which means we get a box of fruits and veggies from a local farm each week. We all eat a lot more vegetables now.

I have less choices.

  • Choice can be stressful–it’s just easier for me to narrow down my food options.

I never have to worry about watching my weight.

  • Enough said!

I have a healthier relationship with food.

  • I eat for nutrition, not to satisfy emotional needs and I truly appreciate my food.  I don’t think about what is missing, rather I am so grateful to be so healthy.

I can help other people.

  • Many years ago my Intuitive told me I was intolerant to gluten. It amazed me that she could pick up on this over the phone having never meeting me and knowing nothing about me. Years later I am able to do the same for other people. It was well worth all the pain and suffering I went through to be able to help others.

Now I know having less can make me and my family more abundant!

9 thoughts on “Why I Love Being Gluten-Free

  1. When you first decided to go GF, how did you start? I would like to, but am overwhelmed thinking about how to make it happen. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • It was easy for me because I was so happy to have a solution for my health issues. Make sure you are eating high quality foods. Most important is getting support from others–either in the blog community (there are some great gf sites) or through meet-up. Best wishes and good luck! -Julie

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  3. Julie! I also noticed that when I cut out gluten and other foods that irritated my system I was more a peace and my abilities to “tune” into things heightened as well. It’s amazing how much food can make a difference, isn’t it?

  4. I am naturally a bit psychic but it used to bug me all the time that clairvoyants would always tell me how incredibly psychic I was and I never felt it. I have my moments, but it’s never been something I have been able to control. About a week ago I had a thought that maybe as the gluten cleared out of my system, and the fog cleared out of my brain, that maybe what I had been waiting for my entire life would finally be there. I mean, it’s probably always been there, just lost in a gluten induced fog. I am very excited to see if this is the case.

    • Dear Tracie–I’m quite sure this is the case! Many psychics have food sensitivities (among other sensitivities) and it takes getting off the offending food (s) and clearing our the system before one can become fully intuitive. You will see what I mean! Keep me posted Tracie–I’m excited for you! Hugs-Julie

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